Bonus Episode 004 Part 2: Community Group Etiquette

The majority of this episode, we discussed the secret communities/groups that can be found on social media for individuals living with hpv/hsv. We talk about the good and bad of these communities and how they relate to the stigma. (I immersed myself into these and found myself through this, but everyone is different as you’ll hear in this episode) “I have herpes and I don’t know if you’re worth taking the risk…” Paraphrasing this as a phenomenal means of disclosure. When you establish yourself as a high value individual, you set the tone of your own value and you’re able to project yourself as a high value individual when you become the chooser. Don’t be all like, “I have herpes, do you accept me?”. Be like “I have herpes and I think you’re cool enough to know this about me, but I’m still deciding if you’re worth the risk”. Way different dynamic.

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