Courtney Brame - Founder of Something Positive for Positive People

Courtney Brame - Founder of Something Positive for Positive People


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finding resources is a little less challenging

When I saw that there were people who suffered from suicide ideation after their positive herpes diagnosis, it made me think of the times someone in my life attempted it. I’ll never know what fueled their motivations. The internet says suicide contemplation comes from a loss of control. People diagnosed with an incurable STI in the beginning express a loss of control over their sex-lives. With that understanding, if I could somehow contribute to empowering people to quickly regain that control or not lose it at all, that’s one more person who sticks around this place a little bit longer. My intention of empowering people is to allow them to safely explore to the experiences of people living with herpes and HIV. and hearing how they moved through the stigma and what their healing process looks/looked like for them to get to where they are having a “normal” (whatever that really means) life despite their diagnosis.

I received my positive genital HSV-2 (primarily genital herpes) in 2012 but who knows how long I had it before I saw my first symptoms. I don’t know how I got it and my recent sexual partners said they did not have herpes. For almost 5 years, I challenged what I thought about living with herpes to my experiences living with herpes. As I began to disclose to new partners and close friends, I realized what I thought was simply not true. It was through the support of friends and loved ones that I was empowered enough to begin dating. Having put myself out there, I came across many resources I wish I knew were available after my diagnosis. It’s challenging to begin disclosing out the gate when you haven’t made sense of what it now means for you and your body. I’m thankful that when I looked, I found positive dating sites like Dating Positives. Through connections I made, I entered a whole world of support and others in my area that I wouldn’t have otherwise been connected to. These resources are challenging to find and I just hope to make them a little bit easier come across.


Resources post-diagnosis

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  • HANDS - Herpes Activists Network

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  • I Need Something More

  • Disclosure Tools

Resources to support Positive People

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