Something Positive for Positive People

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe space for people navigating a positive STI to receive support and empower them with honest information to neutralize the damaging effects of stigma. We do this by interviewing sexuality professionals and people sharing their own experiences with sexually transmitted infections.

To empower people living with sti’s to advocate for themselves

People have expressed how comforting it has been to listen to people’s experiences healing from the psychological and emotional effects of the stigma after a positive STD/STI diagnosis. These stories empower people to see themselves, date, disclose, understand their condition and become stigma busters to those around them should they choose to share their status with others. SPFPP connects anyone struggling with their diagnosis to the qualified mental health professionals needed to guide them through their healing.

Our Intention

Diagnosed with genital herpes in 2012, I didn’t have access to the resources to help me make sense of what I experienced. It took me five years to even begin to reach out or look for resources only because after I discovered the first, I found that there were people contemplating suicide after their positive diagnosis. I was okay with where I was with mine at the time, but they weren’t. After some good people chose to share their experiences with me and let me record the conversations and send them to those who were at a place of suicide ideation, I became exposed to way more resources I wouldn’t have found had I not put myself out to find them or be found by those who’d connect me to them. My goal is to give access to these resources to people long before they need them and when they do, they find them a hell of a lot sooner than I did.

Uplift & encourage use of sexual wellness & education resources

We hope to better prepare people for a positive diagnosis and/or when a friend/partner discloses their positive status to them. SPFPP’s resources all allow for people to access sexual wellness services near them that they are comfortable accessing. Resources include condoms/barriers, birth control, sex education, STI/STD testing and treatment for all bodies. Providing visibility to all these resources in one place helps ease challenge of finding accurate, useful sexual wellness information.

We value transparency

STI/STD Stigma does not exist in truth. This space is stigma and shame free. Stigma is a collection of unchallenged opinions of people who don’t have or don’t know they have an STI/STD. Positive people allowing these opinions to publicly go unchallenged perpetuates stigma. Through the transparency of our community, our partners, our podcast guests, supporters and donors, we are able to challenge the stigma exposing it and replacing it with a new message, a true one. We all know a person who is living with an STI/STD. We fortunately live in a time where we have options for managing whatever condition we are living with. The most effective healing process is to address the mental aspects just as you would the physical. We focus on the physical effects because they are louder and more on the surface. I ask that you explore treatment for the mental side also.

"I really appreciate this"

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