Bonus Episode 004 Part 1: Non-Sexually Transmitted Herpes

So we've decided to refer to herpes as an STS(v) Skin to skin Virus rather than an std since the herpes virus is transmitted through more means than just sexual contact. Angela Johnson of shares with us her experience with cold sores since she was 10 years old. Now 51 years of age (and wine fine), she takes every opportunity to educate others about cold sores (which are herpes) whenever she has an outbreak. Angela has no shame... (except for what we discuss in the opening of part 2 of this episode) about her herpes. She wears it proud and does all she can to combat the stigma behind it, especially for those who contracted it by means other than sexual contact. Tune in to this episode for inspiration to shift your perspective of this STS(v) and open yourself up to the idea of becoming a lighthouse to someone by educating them about our condition and YOUR experience. Please rate and review this podcast. Subscribe as well please! I can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr @HonMyChest

Stay Positive