Episode 20: Blessed By Herpes

*Trigger Warning* In this episode of Something Positive for Positive People, 26 year old Katie talks about her experience with HSV-2 which she contracted 3 years ago from a sexual assault. At 2:00 into the episode it is first mentioned. At 6:00 into the episode, Katie tells the story of her sexual assault. This story and conversation ends at 24:30 just before you hear me say, "Now back to the herpes". 

Shortly after her diagnosis of HSV-2, she met and disclosed to her now boyfriend putting her at a 100% successful disclosure rate. Just a heads up for all the haters lol.  

I would like to ask for your forgiveness for making the statement that makes Katie's sexual assault makes everyone else's means of contracting their std seem like nothing. So for that I apologize. I caught it in the moment but continued to say it anyway. My friend I had proof-listen to this episode pointed it out to me. 

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Stay Positive!