Episode 33: Ask a Doctor About Herpes

This episode of Something Positive for Positive People features Dr. Matthew Bruckel, President, Founder and CEO of Total Access Urgent Care. Bio at the bottom.

I reached out to some social groups for some good questions to ask a doctor about herpes. Something Positive for Positive People is evolving into more than a safe place for people living with herpes to share their experience and more than a place for newly diagnosed people to find hope through the insights of others. People like Dr. Bruckel, are helping turn this podcast into a useful sex health tool for any and everyone seeking understanding of STIs in general. I'm looking to have more medical professionals on the show to help present facts along with the experiences of individuals living with STIs.

Some of our topics discussed are:

- What is herpes

- The similarities between HSV-1 and HSV-2

- Who has herpes and how common is it

- Is there a cure or vaccine for herpes

- Why don't we test for herpes in the standard tests

- How being diagnosed without symptoms can play out

For more information on stis in general, please visit the Center for Disease Control's website: https://www.cdc.gov/ 

To find the nearest Total Access Urgent Care in St. Louis, visit: https://www.totalaccessurgentcare.com/ 

Dr. Matthew Bruckel founded Total Access with the goal of changing the landscape of health care in St. Louis. The insights gained during Dr. Bruckel's decade-long service as an Emergency Physician fuel his desire to optimize every patient's experience; he begins by hiring the best staff and providing a cost-effective alternative to the traditional health care system. Dr. Bruckel proudly serves as the President, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Urgent Care. In this role, Dr. Bruckel is responsible for recruiting and hiring top-notch Physicians, strategic market growth, and improving every patient's experience at the best Urgent Care organization in the St. Louis area. Dr. Bruckel's vast Emergency Department experience, coupled with an Emergency Medicine Board Certification and his ER residency-trained background, provides a "lead by example" image for the entire Total Access Urgent Care team of physicians. Dr. Bruckel's commitment to exceptional care correlates to an outcomes-driven practice model and quantifiably high patient satisfaction. Dr. Bruckel is a Fellow of both the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM), and is also a member of the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA). Utilizing these experiences, Dr. Bruckel actively incorporates Evidence-Based Practice as a central component of Total Access Urgent Care's Mission. Academically, Dr. Bruckel earned a B.S. in Biochemical Sciences (Summa Cum Laude) from Auburn University in 1993, Doctor of Medicine from Washington University School of Medicine in 1997, and served as Chief Resident at the University of Maryland / Shock Trauma Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. Additionally, Dr. Bruckel proudly served overseas and in combat zones as an Emergency Physician and Lieutenant Commander in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy.

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Stay Positive!