Episode 91: Body Positivity - Actions Challenge Beliefs

Trigger warning as we cover domestic abuse. Please protect yourself as we get to that part early on in the episode. Most of our focus is on self-image and body positivity.

Check your self-talk. If you have a hard time checking how you speak to yourself, then act out of accordance with those negative thoughts. Challenge hateful THOUGHTS with loving ACTIONS and see how that voice changes for you.

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Stay sex positive!

About the guest:

Emily "Keanunani" Arnstein is a former ballerina who spent her young life struggling with self-image after being criticized by the dance community for not having the right body shape and size. As an adult, she overcame these negative thought patterns by developing self-talk strategies, understanding the "function" of the body as it relates to health and fitness rather than placing the value of self-worth on physical appearance, and surrounding herself by an accepting and supportive community. She now studies and performs Hawaiian hula (a body-positive and accepting dance community) and aims to pay forward her improved sense of self to help empower others to overcome challenges with health, fitness, and body image, and to help them recognize their ability to make positive changes in their own lives.

Website:  teespring.com/stores/healthy-hula-girl

Instagram: @Healthyhulagirl

Facebook: Healthy Hula Girl