Something Positive for Positive People Podcast Reviews


"I enjoy this podcast and I feel comfortable sharing a lot of the episodes with teenagers in my life that are moving forward into their own mature physical relationships. It’s a great place to learn feel support, and have a tool to educate others."

— SPFPP Podcast listener


"Courtney is doing amazing things in the community through this podcast. I have grown immensely in my journey through the comfort of him and his guests of the podcast. He has created something that is so valuable to many ppl around the nation and hopefully internationally as well. His interviews with ppl from so many walks of life are INSPIRING, COMFORTING, EDUCATIONAL and ENTERTAINING. Recommend to anyone who just wants to tune into something positive, regardless of sexual health status."

— podcast listener


"Courtney is extremely passionate about helping people who have been diagnosed with STIs feel confident and hopeful in their sexualities and it shows in the guests he brings on as well as how he hosts. His kind, non-judgmental, positive demeanor makes it a pleasure to listen to him. I’m so glad I have this podcast as a resource. Keep it coming, Courtney!!"

— christie federico