Episode 60: Rejection's a Reflection - Don't Take it Personal

Jenelle Marie Pierce, the Tatted STD Warrior herself, founder of The STD Project and the Herpes Activist Network HANDS is such a wealth of experiences having done so much work in the Sexual Health community. We talk about rejection as an opportunity of reflection, putting ourselves out of jobs by ending the stigma, and what can be learned from the LGBT+ community about advocating for one another even if you aren't in the community. 

The shame/stigma is perpetuated by our unwillingness to free ourselves from the lies we allow to be told about us by people who don't have or more accurately, don't know if they don't have herpes being more vocal about what they DON'T know than us being more vocal about what we DO know. Let's change this now please.

I'm on social media @HOnMyChest and Jenelle is @tatted_std_warrior on Instagram and can be found through The STD Project!

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Stay Positive!