Episode 47 Part 1: Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center - Change the Story

Without going into too much detail, I found out that one of the most viewed websites in the world has a sexual health resource available.

Introduction to the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center from Dr. Laurie Betito: https://youtu.be/WkHK9bddMEg

Noted broadcaster, author, therapist, speaker and creator of two TEDx Talks, Dr. Laurie Betito has been serving listeners with relationship and life advice for over two decades.

She is a syndicated broadcaster, covering all topics related to love, sex and relationships, the President of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec and also the author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50.

A clinical psychologist with a specialty in sexuality in private practice, her work is rooted in helping people live life with passion, while infusing love and positivity in all relationships.

For more information about Dr. Laurie visit her web site: www.drlaurie.com

Check out the resources available on the site: https://www.pornhub.com/sex/

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Stay Positive!