Episode 39: It's a Small World - Let Go and Let Grow

This episode features the founder of The Herpes Hub, 33 year old St. Louis Native, Holly! She and I grew up in the same part of the city, went off to live life as adults, got herpes, started something we can only hope others find useful and then became connected! This shows you just how small the world is until you choose to expand it.

We find ourselves identifying with something so heavily that when it's lost, we feel 'less than' as humans. We often punish ourselves with isolation and place distance between ourselves and the world we no longer feel 'worthy' of being part of. Until we expand ourselves, we will continue to make this world smaller than what it needs to be. The most challenging part of expanding your world is opening your hands to allow for that expansion. Holding on to resentment for those who've wronged you, living in the past and having a need to know why someone gave you herpes or if they knew they did really closes you off from receiving life's blessings.

On Instagram, Holly can be found @Theherpeshub  www.theherpeshub.com At The Herpes Hub, we believe when you first love yourself with herpes, you allow others to love you too. Self-love and forgiveness are the key to living the life you deserve!

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Stay Positive!