Episode 36: Breaking Barriers for Connection

We can replace herpes with any mind shifting event that can occur in one's life for this episode and have several gems to help with personal growth. When can attach ourselves to ideas and beliefs about people that aren't based on reality. The only way to know that 100% is to test it. Clarice had an idea of how her father would react to him finding out she had HSV-2 and after testing it with him in reality, she was completely wrong.

It took for her to have a blindsiding moment that shifted her mindset about herself for her to explore and discover who she was. In that exploration, she felt compelled to be the first person to tell her father about her diagnosis because she decided to be public about having herpes. It didn't go at all as she planned. As a result, a barrier she had created in her mind between her and her father was dissolved thanks to how she chose to use the gift of herpes.

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