Episode 29 Part 1: Taking Back Control - First Time's a Charm

We recorded this episode January 22, 2018 just 2 months after Lauren's diagnosis. The reason these episodes took so long was just for editing as this is sensitive content. We wanted to be sure to remove certain details of Lauren's story and I suck at editing.

We talk about Lauren's first penetrative sexual experience. Lauren met up with a man she barely knew and had every intention of using a condom, but did not use one. The explanation for this can be found in part 2 of this episode where we discuss past sex-related interactions and education from childhood. 

Lauren found support quickly and has adopted a very positive perspective on her diagnosis. Her story is one that makes us rethink the idea the stigma has that herpes is an std you get from sleeping with a lot of people. We have someone who after her first time, had the misfortune of contracting HSV. Take that you stupid stigma.

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Stay Positive!