Episode 26: Alexandra Harbushka's Life With BOTH Herpes

Alexandra hosts the podcast, Life With Herpes, and recently featured me as a guest on her 83rd episode: https://lifewithherpes.com/podcast/083-something-positive-for-people-who-are-positive-with-courtney-brame/ She's an amazing human being and it was an honor to not only be on her podcast, but to also have her bless Something Positive for Positive People with her energy as well. It's amazing to find so many resources out there from people open about their condition encouraging us to break the stigma behind herpes.

Alexandra and I could've spoken for hours about her experience but managed to condense the convo to just over an hour.The conversation touched on us having this idea of who has herpes and then struggling to reshape that image of ourselves. We discuss how Alexandra contracted HSV-2 fourteen years after getting type 1 from a first date kiss! We talk about the lack of education and communication, neglecting the fact that hsv-1 can potentially be spread via kissing, foreplay, masturbation and according to The Medical Center of the University of Maryland, it can be spread by sharing drinks or utensils within up to 10 seconds. (Link to resource): http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/condition/herpes-simplex-virus

You should listen to this episode if you need the courage to really embrace yourself as more than the stigma placed upon you for having herpes. There's only one way to break free of that and it's to understand who YOU are despite having herpes. Alexandra is a phenomenal example of this, having broken free, becoming an educator and an active voice in the herpes community letting everyone know that herpes isn't that big of a deal. She has a meaningful career, she has hobbies, she travels, is married, has the kind of sex life she wants. Connect with this woman, engage this woman and capitalize on her experience being out there on the Life With Herpes podcast.

Alexandra is offering a complimentary 30 minute coaching session for Something Positive for Positive People listeners. Sign up and ask her about pomegranate. Just go to: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fapp.acuityscheduling.com%2Fschedule.php%3Fowner%3D13691061%26appointmentType%3D5894645&h=ATOjIhcSTXqROqmj5ArLWVVuHHKnvmDQTY-VYTjIYaYekzKu72W-c-x2_SSV_2ldPaLjCr_tSy1XGJve8p33eg_2Uziu4y1MQpIf6y8u3d7GOdg&s=1

For more resources available to those living with herpes, Alexandra can be found on Instagram @Lifewithherpes and @alexandraharbushka, Facebook @Alexandra Harbushka, Twitter @aharbushka. Her website is www.lifewithherpes.com

At this point, we've broken the 5k downloads mark and I'm so thankful for everyone continuing to share the podcast with others as well as leaving us ratings and reviews for the podcast. The more reviews, the more exposure. The more exposure, the easier it is for those who think they're alone to connect with us and gain access to the resources they need to help them through their diagnosis so please keep it up you all. I can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Instagram @HonMyChest

Stay Positive!