Episode 25 Part 2: Eliminating Assumptions - A New Sex Life

Here's the highly anticipated part 2 to Dale's episode! Off the record I asked if Dale were open to sharing Dale's personal experience in their sex life. I'm getting better about the she/her him/her they/their pronouns. I butchered it in the beginning of this episode :/ . 

This episode highlights Dale's open-mindedness. Being non-binary non-monogamous really leaves the door open to all types of explorating with various anatomies. 

Negotiations really stood out to me in this convo we had. The idea of having a full conversation of what to expect (SHOULD CONSENT BE EXCHANGED BY ALL PARTIES) never occurred to me. This communication is where all assumptions can be eliminated. You can express what you're into and allow the other person/people to express what they're into, discuss sexual health, and this makes it easier to relax into the experience of freaky thangs. Note that negotiations don't mean consent. Negotiations mean these are the things that are on the table. Consent should be exchanged still.

Dale manages the social media pages dedicated to sex ed and the destigmitization of herpes. On Instagram, Dale is @_I_have_herpes_

I can be found on social media @HonMyChest

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