Episode 21: No Limits

61 year old Theresa, retired nurse/Salisbury, NC resident was diagnosed with HSV-1 and 2 after discovering her husband of 32 years' infidelity with men. That, on top of her diagnosis was the catalyst that led her to leaving that marriage where according to him, she 'had gotten what she deserved'. Theresa immediately recognized the mental hold the stigma behind herpes would have on her if she didn't do something about it quickly. She decided to be open about her status and put energy into doing things she enjoyed. She began dating within and outside the community, refusing to limit her options. In doing that, she met her now husband of 7 years. He was a muggle (someone without the condition of their potential suitor borrowed from the world of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter).

Theresa's main takeaways are to not let the stigma define you, go be happy, when you get tested or get a partner tested, be sure to be assertive in your request and ask for a full panel which includes herpes testing so that you know your status. You're not a virus, you HAVE a virus! Your person is out there and you shouldn't limit out half your options by dating only individuals who share your condition. BAM there's the title. No Limits!

Theresa's story is one that confirms our experiences in the moment equip us for what is to come to us so that we're prepared for it. Whether good or bad, how we perceive the experience really affects how we live life. We shouldn't put limitations on our happiness. We cut off entire worlds of possibilities in doing that. Be vulnerable. It's ok. There's strength there.

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