Episode 18: Successful Disclosure

It's very rare that you hear about people disclosing and having success. I've been fortunate to have Tim come on and share his most recent success story with us. While shy at first in speaking on the podcast, you hear throughout as Tim begins to open up and get more comfortable sharing his experiences leading up to him meeting an amazing person and how that awkward conversation can potentially go if you're willing to put yourself out there. I originally wanted Tim to share with us BEFORE he disclosed to capture the emotion of leading up to it then I realized that was super selfish and I should have checked in with him to see which was best for him. Fortunately it went well. He has a pretty amazing weekend lined up for himself and his girlfriend coming up.

For obvious reasons, Tim couldn't go into too much detail about his past or his situation due to his need to remain anonymous and given his previous workplaces. So a lot of the pauses are just him finding other ways to word things or me making sure we stay away from digging too much into that kind of info.

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