Episode 16: Being Open About Herpes and Setting Sexpectaions

28 year old Luna is an herbalist, blogger, ethical slut, intersectional feminist, spoonie who FINALLY gave in and made an FB account sharing her amazing work!

You should listen to this episode if you're nervous about disclosing. Luna gave me confidence to share my story with those close to me. If she didn't, not near as many people would know about this podcast so I know she'd be encouraging to you.

I had the pleasure of getting Luna AKA @Herbslut to meet with me again to redo our episode together. She and I can talk for hours and hours so I did my best to limit it to under 1. We stayed on topic . . . for the most part. She even did a great job covering for me while I jumped up to get the door to give my Granny the keys to my car. Just a disclaimer, she was laughing at that around the time of the knocking lol. 

This woman's bravery inspired me to share the podcast with my community and then be open about my condition to those around me. Not that I run around saying I have herpes or anything like that, I just don't avoid the topic altogether anymore. 

We also discuss having the conversation about stds with potential partners. Being polyamorous, Luna shares her template for disclosing to potential partners. 

We touch on the sex education and how sex is portrayed in media using Wonder Woman as an example.


Luna can be found @Herbslut on Instagram or www.herbslut.com. Twitter: @Herb_Slut Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/herbslut Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herbslut/

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