Episode 12: Love Out Loud - Life Happens Through Us, Not to Us

Short version, we talk about HPV and the sexual assault that surrounded Chrissy contracting it. Viewer discretion advised. The number 1 takeaway here is more of a societal issue than anything. The oppositie of love is indifference! That's the word I couldn't think of in this episode when I hit that stumble point! Indifference enables nonloving situations to take place. Don't be indifferent.

This episode highlights 31 year old Chrissy who was diagnosed with cancerous HPV she contracted at age 16 after a series of sexual assaults. Growing up in foster care, Chrissy had to un-learn what she thought love was from her foster family. After finding her mom, Chrissy tried to build a relationship with her. This ended when her mom chose her then boyfriend over her own daughter. The creation of Love Out Loud was brought about once Chrissy learned she needed to love herself. Once that realization was made, she was able to not only love others, but teach them to do the same.

https://www.loveoutloudshow.com/ LoveOUTLoud is designed to promote self confidence, self love, while not changing who you are. Speaking at rehabs and group homes, I have a chance to relate to those who have had a rough life and want to better themselves. I have found through speaking, and telling my story, I have helped people gain the self confidence and self love they have missed out on for so long. Instagram: LoveOutLoudShow


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