Episode 11: From Feeling Like Shit to Feeling Like the Shit

Meet 40 year old Emma in the Bay area! 9 months diagnosed with HSV1 & HPV, open-minded Emma did NOT fit the mold of the kind of person she considered to have any stds. Mindfulness and self-awareness were key to Emma's bounce back from feeling like shit to the knowing that she is the shit.... as should you. 

You should listen to this episode if you're struggling to tell people close to you. Allow yourself to open up to the world around you, especially those most important to you that you feel compelled to tell.

The episode title says it all. You get tested and have your perception of yourself challenged. Once you realize you're THE shit, you stop feeling that way.

Personally, I came to like myself more around the people who knew I had herpes than I did around those who didn't know. There was no more hiding or shame, there was only awareness of inconsistency of my behaviors. I opened up to one friend, then another, then family members, and now anyone who listens to this or goes to my Instagram knows. And you know what? Most people really don't give a shit because it doesn't affect them. In dating, you have to realize who you are and your self worth. 

We often question whether or not a person will accept us for our condition, when in reality, you should ask if you accept them as a fit for your life. 

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