Episode 10: Dating with Herpes is Just Like Dating

41 year old entrepreneur, Marie shares her 20 years of experience living with HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). In her experience, dating with herpes is just like dating in general... people suck lol. "It's 100 times harder to find someone who's a match for you than it is to find someone who accepts you for H." - Marie. I'm sure not everyone will agree with that statement right away, but it's a truth I can personally relate to. Once you get past the point of hyping up your condition to be this thing that makes you unwantable, you find that more people you allow into your life aren't the right ones for you. Nothing is wrong with being picky at all. And if you're reading this and are at a place where you find it challenging to find someone who accepts you for your condition, then I challenge you to ask yourself if YOU accept yourself as a whole first. Sounds like BS but it's so very true.

Taking a look back from her experience, historically there's just been misinformation shared. Science and research have never really appealed to me. I learned that you can spend so much time studying and reading and preparing and planning . . . . only to realize when the situation you planned for arises, you have a different situation. Now what? Now you've put all this time into creating a plan that doesn't get to be executed. That's why I highly value the experience of the guests who come on and share their stories and experience with their conditions. No one has all the right answers, but my goal is for you to use this podcast to guide you to the right answer for YOU. Stay Positive.

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