Episode 00: Welcome to Something Positive for Positive People

Welcome to Something Positive for Positive People, I’m Courtney Brame. While I serve as the host of the podcast, this space wouldn’t be what it is without its guests. This podcast is an intentionally inclusive hub of sex positive resources including shared experiences of people living with STDs such as herpes, HIV and HPV. Navigating this space we don’t have many resources or public figures that demonstrate what it means to live with an STI. It’s important that these resources be brought to people immediately after a diagnosis or best case scenario, prior to a positive diagnosis. While the stories primarily teach us to navigate the dating world, deal with stigma, and show people that life doesn’t end with a diagnosis, it’s important to highlight the social issues that come up on this podcast as well.

We discuss sex education, race, reproductive rights, stigma, shame, mental health, sex work, gender, sexuality and head wherever the conversations take us. This podcast doesn’t require much to run as it is but as a 501c3 nonprofit I’m able to accept donations and funding in order to expand the effectiveness of the show. My big picture goal is to travel to the guests of this show and be able to grow this platform to make everyone aware that there’s a community available to them after a diagnosis for support through the mind fuck that is herpes. I also want to pay for people to get therapy for the psychological effects that come with a diagnosis which we’re one big sponsor or donation away from being able to do.

As always you can support us by leaving a review, sharing the podcast, or if you’d like to be a guest on the show, email me directly at courtney@spfpp.org. It’s best to connect with me that way. Let this be a starting point. Sorry for the rambling at the end. I’m working to become a better podcaster by doing less editing. Thank you for listening. Stay sex positive!