Bonus Episode 002: Something Positive for Negative People - Being Disclosed to

Full disclaimer, this podcast was done as a result of where a conversation was heading after Mark heard me discussing Something Positive for Positive People with someone. He asked about it which lead to the conversation about his current relationship of several years with his girlfriend who has herpes and to this point, has not given it to him. This is a good episode to listen to if you are considering disclosing your condition to someone and would like the potential perspective from someone who's accepted someone and decided to move forward.,If you have recently been disclosed to and wonder what it's like to move forward, then this is also a good episode to listen to. This was being discussed and ten minutes into the convo, I asked Mark if he would be willing to continue the conversation on the podcast, he agreed and bam! Here we are. Excuse the pauses, umms and stutters as I was unable to prepare for this episode or prepare him for being on the show like I normally do. I just knew it had to be done and put our there right away. Episode 9 will still be released November 1. Follow the podcast on Instagram and Twitter @HonMyChest. Please rate and review Something Positive for Positive People on iTunes and Stitcher! Stay Positive.