Safe Space for Self-Empowerment and Support

A survey featuring 110 Something Positive for Positive People podcast listeners demonstrated that after a herpes diagnosis, people have experienced one or more of the following; suicide ideation, attempted suicide, self-harm tendencies, and/or depression.

As a follow up, I asked participants to explain shortly how listening to Something Positive for Positive People has helped them and the results brought up three categories of responses; understanding stigma and the virus itself, self-empowerment, and/or brought about a feeling of community and support.

6% of participants said they attempted suicide. 99% of participants experienced depression after their diagnosis. 49% of participants experienced thoughts of suicide, and 27% engaged in self-harming tendencies.

Participants responded in short answer form to the follow up question of how listening to spfpp has helped them and here are those results; 44% found it useful in understanding the stigma of herpes and became more educated about the virus. 47% of participants felt empowered by the experiences and information shared on the spfpp podcast. 67% of participants expressed feeling a sense of community and/or support through this resource.