Positive Connections

I believe we have to empower STI/STD positive people to advocate for themselves. This starts with becoming aware of the communities and support resources available immediately after a positive diagnosis. Thanks to collaborative efforts like HANDS - Herpes Activists Networking to Dismantle Stigma, people can easily and safely access the support needed as well as resources to help healthily navigate a positive diagnosis.

SPFPP connects those who are struggling with their diagnosis. We connect those who are struggling with their diagnosis to a qualified mental health professional to help them get to a space where they are willing to consider utilizing the resources available to them, creating an intentionally inclusive space for empowering positive people to become their own advocates with the option to explore the communities for support.

SPFPP brings together experiences of living with an STI/STD, sex education, sexual health organizations and sexual wellness resources together in one place. Imagine if the people all potential partners knew more about sexual health so when they are disclosed to, the person doing the disclosing is told, “Oh yeah I know what that is. We should be alright if we take these precautions, right? Do you take any medication to reduce risks?”. Intercourse is a two way street or a multiple road intersection. The load of responsibility to be educated is more evenly distributed between sexual partners rather than falling solely on the person who has the STI/STD.

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